Our Company

Topaz Transportation Services Inc. was founded in March 2019 as partner company of Jasper Transportation Services Inc. Japser (incorporated in November 2012) was an owner operator trucking company and the founders were wanting to grow their business into an independent trucking company. Topaz was set up as a sister company and obtained its own authority.

Topaz is a premier temperature-controlled transportation company, with main focus to provide our customers with a service that is reliable and professional and adds great value to the customers organization. It specialises in Temperature Controlled, LTL, FTL, Dedicated Service and warehousing.




Topaz operates a fully integrated transportation software system along with an integrated satellite tracking system for all our power units. With Peak, your load does not disappear when it leaves the loading dock. Our dispatch and our trucks use satellite technology for two-way communication and position reports, 24 hours a day. This allows your shipment to be tracked, every step of the way. Our dispatch team works closely with our drivers to ensure that delivery schedules are met and can handle all your tracing and tracking requirements.

Our Mission

Our mission is to succeed where no other can. To provide reliability & security to all of our loyal customers and at the same time, efficiently offering quality solutions that will enhance the image of your company. Topaz exceeds customer's expectations in the transportation of their goods and documents across the continent. We deliver value to our customers by providing the most reliable and efficient solutions in distribution and logistics. Topaz has many services to offer which include: Provide security, assurance and overall a better experience to our clients. Always on time and making sure we never fall behind in our mission to satisfy our clients. Topaz always meets the needs of our customers.

Our Team

Topaz employs only experienced drivers with a clean driving record who have passed 'OUR' driving test. It has impeccable driver safety record. We also require them to participate in on-going training programs. Our drivers are treated as professionals and as a result, our driver turnover is extremely low. Not only are our drivers concerned with driving safety, but the safety of your cargo. Our compound is fully fenced to keep your valuables secured.

Management Team

team member
Ademola Adenuga

Ademola has 16 years professional work experience in diverse roles which include business planning, field development and management, operations effectiveness, technology maturation, deployment and monitoring and safety leadership in the oil and gas industry with Shell Exploration and Production and Exxon Mobil.

His outstanding leadership and business development skill will be invaluable to Topaz.

team member
Akin Dada

Akin has 30 years Professional working experience which centered around Leadership in Logistics and Supply Chain Management across Africa, Europe, Asia and North America with Coca Cola International Company and with Suncor Energy, the biggest oil and gas company in Canada.

His extensive and outstanding experience and knowledge in supply chain management, logistic planning and execution is a huge asset for his leadership role in Topaz.